I’m very new to Figma.

I’m working on an app and need some placeholder images (coffee shop app).

Lots of people seem to have amazing images but have no idea where to find them. Could anybody help direct me to some good websites?

Many thanks,


Common sites are unsplash, pexels or pixabay. There most likely a plugin for them so you can use the from within Figma.

Thanks so much Klesus! Your help is much appreciated.

I have been using unsplash and really couldn’t find what I was looking.

Basically for the app I need vectors of different drinks and there I could only find generic coffee shop vibes pics.

But I’m checking the other 2 websites right now, many thanks. =)

Just to explain better what I’m looking for, I’d like something like this but with real pictures: https:// www.istockphoto. com/vector /coffee-menu-in-white-cups-with-hot-steam-gm1306205732-3 96854221

thenounproject is also a great resource and they’ve got lots of icons.

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