Physics engine when moving elements (so fun)

  1. When using Figma sometimes I have fun spinning things around or making them huge for spectators - it would be wicked awesome if I could hold a key and ‘toss’ or ‘throw’ an element or group with physics that would then continue moving it to fly off the page or bounce around the viewport. Hilarious!

  2. Like if I select and grab a group, hold ‘p’ then move the cursor quickly and release it - it flies out of view with velocity or bounces around the viewport like a bouncy ball. Sweet.

  3. Maybe this is the next April Fools project? A sweet dev sprint for kicks? I know that this is going to hit the bottom of the priority list – but the power is with the people!
    Want a hilarious feature that adds no perceivable value or efficiency? What if it adds oodles of hilarity when you can ‘throw’ a bad design off the page for good?

Hell yeah, that sounds killer.

Make it so!

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