Phantom stroke

All layouts are linked to the component library. In a separate file connected to this library, buttons have a phantom stroke. Phantom means that it is not displayed inside the component. But if you open inspect, you can see that it is there.

Second. The stroke should be gray. In the attached library everything is fine, the stroke is gray. Forced resetting the properties of the component does not solve the problem, it remains black and is not displayed in the stroke.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Hi there, are you able to share a screenshot of the component along with its layer tree? My guess is that maybe one of the layers or groups within the component has a stroke applied.

You can’t pin a file here, I uploaded it to

You have 000000 under selection colors which I don’t see being applied anywhere in the screenshots, so it must be for the stroke. Hover over it and press the button that looks like this:


It will select any elements that use the color.

Clicked. It doesn’t transfer anywhere, but you can put another color in there and it will apply to the stroke. But it won’t display the stroke itself.

It’s hard to figure out without testing. Can you share a design file with the button?