Performance issue

Given that Figma is (one of the) best design tools in the market, it has crucial performance problems. For instance, in big design files (on design page), or simple ones on prototype page with "Smart-Animate"s Figma takes so many resources from the user’s system. And not just that, even if you have enough resources that are not the case for Figma to run smoothly, Figma will lag in big projects no matter you have enough resources or not, and that’s too annoying.

Hi Ali,

We are always looking for ways to make figma more efficient. If you’re able to share privately, I’d love to take a look. Usually, there’s either tips I can give you to make it more compact or things we can do on our end to optimize for your use case. Please share your file with support if you haven’t already and let me know so I can go find it.


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I love to share it with you to see how it lags, but how can I share it with you privately?

You can go ahead and share the file with + write into support to share the url of the file. Let me know here when you are done and I’ll find your ticket.

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