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Performance drop upon enabling "Clip content"

Hey there! I’m loving the new Interactive Components, but since it’s in beta, here’s something that I’ve found.

I noticed a correlation between the prototype performance (in terms of interactive components) and some — seemingly unrelated — settings of frames not containing any interactive components at all. In this particular example, it is a frame that despite not containing any interactive components, seems to affect the overall performance of the prototype if its “Clip content” property is set to TRUE.

Here’s an example file along with steps to reproduce this:

  1. Link to Figma File
  2. Open up the prototype and start moving your cursor around the boxes on the “Board” to see their hover states. Take a moment to appreciate how good it feels, and how satisfying the overall responsiveness is.
  3. Now go back into the file, locate the “[:rotating_light:Clip Content Me] Instructions” frame and check the “Clip content” box.
  4. Go back to the prototype and see how the boxes on the “Board” start lagging.

Can confirm the same thing on my end. Was having impossible latency on my prototype. got rid of some clips and is working better now. Strange bug - would never have figured it out - thanks!