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Pdf truncated

I am trying to export a case study to a pdf. Actually in December it was fine but of course I sent it out to a prospect and now its truncated. So, the pdf actually opens up at the second half of the document. The whole beginning is cut off. Is there any other way or something I am doing wrong. I don’t want to send it out in two documents.

Can you share the file link? That sounds weird. Actually seems like a bug, so you might wanna reach out to Figma support via or Submit a request – Figma.

I am working now to split in in two so sorry for the mess.

Seems to be working fine for me, maybe check it in another browser/desktop app? Here is the exported PDF:

Thanks for checking it out. It works in my browser but if i try to open the file to view in i guess adobe reader its truncated.

Oh, yes, the app you use to view the PDF could play a role. Actually I would suggest to split it into a multi-page PDF (discover, define, etc. can be separate pages), such long files are prone to all sorts of issues.

You can save a multi-page PDF right in Figma using File → Export frames to PDF…

That worked!! Thank you, I appreciate you!!

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