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PDF rendering issue?

Hi, I’m trying to do something in Figma using icons from the web.

I downloaded some, and I noticed that their border is too thick to fit in my design (they are already outlined), so I applied a white inside border to them, since the background is also white (so I get thinner borders); but when exporting the frame to PDF you can actually see a very thin black border around the icon.


I forgot to add that in Figma everything is alright, there is no black border around it:

Is this a problem with PDF rendering?

Try to use boolean operations in Figma to subtract this border from the object instead of simply covering it with white, then flatten the resulting object. This way PDF rendering will not stand a chance. But since your object is pretty complex Figma may not be able to handle boolean operations with it well.

Hi Gleb, thanks for the reply; what do you mean by boolean operations in Figma?

Yup you’re right, I should first google things before asking, sorry!

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