Payment process can be improved

Hello, two days ago, I had an issue with payment.
Maybe somebody has experience with the same problem.

The problem One month ago I subscribed to one payment plan of 25$ to use Figma with all things I need.
And two days ago I received a message, that you should pay 172 euros at the beginning of next month. And I was shocked. I start checking what happened. And see that I have 9 editors on old projects and one month ago, I already paid 172 euros for 9 users, and next 5 days I should do the same. But real situation is that all this month only I used Figma in my projects.

Figma support did great work and returned my money for the previous month. I am thankfull for it.
I like Figma, and I don’t want somebody to have the same problem as me.

And I would like to give clear feedback about this situation. Which maybe could help Figma company increase User Experience about payment.

The reason why it happens:
Because “Team folder” has a folder view for grouping projects in the folders. It is really comfortable, and I transfer all my old projects to this folder, to work more comfortably.
And a lot of It has some old editors from projects when Figma was free. And they automatically increase the bill.
Maybe If the base project area has the same folder look, it will help some users, not move the old project to the team area.

The second reason I found as Product designer, this is my thoughts:

  1. Most companies give you a limit on user seats for each subscription plan. It means if you pay 25 dollars and it has 1 user or 10 you can’t add any additional users until you change subscription plans. I can call it a protection against fools and bad situations.
    But in your method, the user could incidentally make very big bills for him, miss how many editors he has on different projects.
  2. This is the part of the previous reason. People who started work in Figma a lot of years ago, always change editors when needed and don’t have any problems with prices and subscriptions because it is free. And now, when it makes a difference for the bill, these users don’t
    see any changes in the “share window” - when you choose which user has access and what kind of permission (as editor or watcher they have). Maybe you need to rework this “share window”, and show users when they change some user permission, some pop-up, or some additional info “The user’s billing will be changed because he adds editors to the project”.

Meaybe last two options could help, Figma product designers increase ux for the payment procces.

Thanks, every one .

Hi there,

Thank you for your clear and constructive feedback even though you have not had the best experience. We really appreciate your feedback and share your voice with our internal team.