Payment Experience Feedback

Hi everyone :smiley:,

There is an UX issue when you update your card for the payment method in Settings.

Each year, I use a temporary card from my company to pay the annual Figma bill.

After I had the new temporary card in Setting/Change payment method, there is no confirmation to inform the user that “it’s ok, we save this card for the next payment…”.
And no e-mail confirmation send to the user.

I had no feedback from Figma after my action :confused:
And after I updated the payment method, if I go back to “Change payment method”, I don’t see the informations about the new card added. All the fields are empty, it’s like I didn’t update anything. (It could just display some informations and hide some numbers of the card).

Thanks for your feedback about this topic.

Héramban :smile:

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