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Pasting image into figma is the wrong size, correct size when pasted into Sketch

When I paste an image into figma:

The exact same image in Sketch which is the correct size:

Why is this? I would have thought an accurate image size would be a basic necessity. I can get better results with microsoft outlook.

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The image is 2880px. I have written a bug report to figma. Even if this is intentional, I can’t comprehend why you should need a plugin to paste in an image. I could do this in paint.

is a horizontal dimension. The vertical one is much higher: 6087. This is not a bug.

Yes that’s the horizontal width, apologies. Hopefully it will be taken as a complaint. It’s ui design, people are going to be adding images that are longer than 4096px.

Thanks for your response though, I appreciate it.