Pasting a screenshot (shows up at different sizes)

Hi, Whenever I paste a screenshot from my various monitors, i have to do some maths to change it to be the correct resolution.

On windows:

  1. 4k monitor copies one size (larger than figma, devide width by 1.5 to get real resolution) 2) HD monitor copies another size (smaller, Multiply by 1.3 to get real resolution)

On Macbook:
3) Macbook copies what ever resolution that is… (larger, devide width by 2 to get real resolution)

I have found an old “spectrum” post asking exactly the same question but no solution.

Some one mentioned that there was a mac automator made for Mac (but i use windows also) but it doesn’t do this on Sketch, so I don’t understand why it does this on Figma?

Any help or info on the topic would be appreciated :slight_smile: