Pasted Illustrator vector art in Figma is scaled πŸ“


I have an issue, where my icons are designed in Illustrator. When copying the icon from Illustrator into Figma, the artwork is scaled up.

An example from Illustrator (20px X 18px):

After pasting into Figma (26.68px X 24px):

The funny thing is, that if I create a basic square in Figma sized 16px X 16px, copy it as svg from Figma and paste it in Illustrator, it is still sized 16px X 16px. Then when copying that same square from Illustrator that I just pasted from Figma and paste it back into Figma it is scaled up.

I’m aware that I can β€œjust” scale the icon in Figma after placing it, but it is very inconvenient - especially if you have a large icon library designed in Illustrator.

Any idea what is causing this?


Hey @Thomas_Cramer, thank you for reaching out!
Hmm this looks very interesting. I am not sure on my end what might cause this, but I’ve reached out to the teams internally regarding this issue. Will get back to you once I’ve receive more information on this.


I’m experiencing the same issue: when copying from Illustrator to Figma, the 32x32 px icon gets scaled up to 42.67x42.67 px in Figma.

Struggled from this issue already for several days!

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Hey everyone, I’ve seen that this issue is currently been investigated. I’ve passed your feedback to the teams. However, it seems to be a long standing bug and to be transparent there is not likely to be fix at this moment, but I will still keep you updated on this post if I should receive more information from the team.

Thank you,

Hi @Thomas_Cramer + @Glafira, I am unable to reproduce this with a simple Illustrator example. If either of you could provide a simple SVG here that reproduces the problem, along with the dimensions you copied from in Illustrator, that would be helpful. (Copying from Illustrator copies SVG to the clipboard so you can just copy there and paste the code directly to the reply field here!)