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Paste with Ctrl+Shift+V is pasting 3 times over, not once

  1. When I use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste text without style information, I get three (3) copies of the pasted text, not one. It is very tedious to remove the 2 extra copies of the text on each paste operation.

  2. Just started yesterday. Using Figma desktop app on Windows.

  3. Can anyone else duplicate this experience? I have tried restarting Figma and restarting the PC, which had no effect.

I’m also experiencing this on Figma Beta + MacOS Catalina

Working with web UI on MacOS / Chrome.

Not sure what u mean “to paste text without style information”. Have you tried to select the source text, then do Copy as Text? then the standard CTRL-V should paste the way you want (without the style).

I can’t reproduce, both CTRL-V and CMD-V behave as expected here.

I can confirm this too. It pastes the clipboard text content twice. I’ve tried copying text from Figma text controls as well as copying text outside of Figma and pasting it in Figma text control using Cmd+Shift+V. In both cases, pastes twice.

Same issue. Started experiencing it about half an hour ago. It double pastes the text when Shift+Cmd+V. Came here to find out if it’s just me or not. Hopefully will get fixed soon.

This has been fixed! Please restart the desktop app.


I have the same problem, but it pastes double not triple.
Also I am not using the desktop app, I use Figma in Chrome latest version.

I can confirm that this issue is fixed for me. Figma desktop app in Windows 10.

I am getting this issue with images. They paste twice side by side.

Not fixed, images continue to be pasted in two copies by ctrl-v

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