Paste new image on layer without it affecting the other layer fills

I have an image I previously pasted. This layer also contains a semi-transparent linear gradient fill on top of it. I only want replace the image, not the gradient fill above it. How do I accomplish this?This is NOT helping me:

I tried copying the image to my clipboard first. Then, in Figma selected the Image layer, highlighted the Image fill, then pasted my clipboard image. This didn’t achieve my goal.

I also tried pasting my image somewhere within Figma first. Then, I cut and tried pasting it over the old image. That didn’t work either.

I tried each of these actions from the menu: Paste to Replace and Paste Over Selection

If I heard your use case correctly, maybe click on the image fill itself, and then select “Choose image” from your library? (I’m assuming your gradient is just a 2nd fill above the image fill).

@ntfromchicago I should’ve been more clear. I have the image copied to my clipboard only. I do not have a hard copy file on my computer. Selecting “Choose image” would only allow me to select a file.

@Klesus That’s pretty much it. Thanks!

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