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Paste element to multiple frames

Pasting a single element to multiple frames is a huge pain right now. I have to manually select each frame one by one and paste whatever element I forgot to add. There are no plugins I am aware of to make this easier.

My dream would be to copy an element and then select a group of frames. Then have a right-click menu to “Paste to selected frames” which would paste the copied element to all selected frames. Positioning, prototype links, and resizing constraints would be respected just like a normal paste.


There’s an execellent plugin called Copypasta that does the job. But it’s true that it seems far too simple not to be native and still need a plugin.


Yes, please! Have really been missing this since switching from Adobe XD to Figma :sob:

Thanks for this!

  1. It’d great to see a feature to paste at the same position on all selected Frames, sometimes I have a compenent created, and need to apply it to all related Frames of project, and paste one by one it sucks … I’d like to past at the same position no only one Frame, but all frames selected. Would be stunning. Thanks you

Hi @Rafael1! This plugin might help: Figma - Multipaste playground | Hi all, I created this playground file so people can explore how to use Multipaste, a plugin to p...