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Paste element to multiple frames

Pasting a single element to multiple frames is a huge pain right now. I have to manually select each frame one by one and paste whatever element I forgot to add. There are no plugins I am aware of to make this easier.

My dream would be to copy an element and then select a group of frames. Then have a right-click menu to “Paste to selected frames” which would paste the copied element to all selected frames. Positioning, prototype links, and resizing constraints would be respected just like a normal paste.


There’s an execellent plugin called Copypasta that does the job. But it’s true that it seems far too simple not to be native and still need a plugin.


Yes, please! Have really been missing this since switching from Adobe XD to Figma :sob:


Thanks for this!

  1. It’d great to see a feature to paste at the same position on all selected Frames, sometimes I have a compenent created, and need to apply it to all related Frames of project, and paste one by one it sucks … I’d like to past at the same position no only one Frame, but all frames selected. Would be stunning. Thanks you

Hi @Rafael1! This plugin might help: Figma - Multipaste playground | Hi all, I created this playground file so people can explore how to use Multipaste, a plugin to p...

Same here. I just recently switched from Xd to Figma, and I have to copy to each frame individually.

Be able to copy and paste an object on multiple screens

Sometimes you need to repeat an item on many similar screens. But right now it is mandatory to select one screen and paste the object and repeat the process with each new screen.

I suggest being able to copy an object and then select multiple screens and the object is pasted in the same “x” and “y” position as on the screen where it was copied.

As always, they have succeeded.
This solution is already implemented. Figma, you guys are great!