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Password Protect Prototypes for User Research

We love using Figma for user testing, however it poses privacy risks. In the past, I once observed someone logging back into the prototype and taking screenshots with their phone after the test ended.

  • We use Lookback and prepare a Figma prototype link to share ahead of time for each participant so we’re not scrambling beforehand.
  • We prefer this so that we don’t force our participants to sign up for a Figma account, which would seem unnecessary and would put people off.
  • I found a plugin called Crypto, but it only creates one password that can’t be changed, even when deleted and re-adding to the prototype.

We’d love to have some sort of password option we could change between participants for the public link.


Agreed, privacy is key for many designers and clients. The only way to make it work right now is by whitelisting specific users but that can get tricky and time consuming.

I’ve used the Crypto plugin to make this happen but then again, it looks that you are yet sending your designs to another platform (which may incur into legal issues sometimes).

I hope this feature gets enough priority soon, big clients are all about keeping their assets safe.

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Yes please! It’s such a basic feature it surprised me Figma doesn’t have it.

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This is great would love to see password protection options for our prototypes.

I’ve always used psw with Marvel prototypes

Agreed. This is super simple yet powerful