Parts of my design not showing up in presentation view

This one work for me. Mine component are not in the particular frame. that’s why it is not show at the time of presentation view.

I have the same issue and while I was checking step by step I realised that in my case is as follow:
until I copy paste in a new page the frames all works fine (I’m able to see 9 screens in the preview) but as soon I start adding links between frames in “Prototype Mode” the amount of screens in the preview changes.

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Same :frowning: I have to copy-paste things and then they show up. Super frustrating as I don’t always catch it until later and it confuses our teams.

To sum it up, I can only view 5 out of 7 frames in prototype view. At first my 6th frame only showed elements that were on that frame iterations ago. I deleted those elements, copied the corrected frame and pasted it in a new frame with all the correct connections applied. Now nothing shows up for frames 6/7 when I prototype. I am very confused as I am somewhat new to figma.

I have included a screenshot of my prototype but can only include 1 as I am new I guess.

Heres a link to my project.

So you just copied everything separately and placed the elements in a new frame? Or did you copy everything at once and place the elements in a new frame? So far everything suggested in this thread has not worked for myself.

So I’ve started to use autolayout more in the past two weeks and it’s been a game-changer to finally understand it. You basically have to put every single element in a frame, and then the next group up in a frame, and the next group up in a frame, etc. Frame within frame within frame, always.

If an element is NOT within a frame on an artboard, it will stretch when you resize the artboard (unless you hold down Command, I think it is).

For this particular issue, I think it’s about frames again. whatever isn’t showing up in presentation mode is outside the frame of the artboard. So you can copy-paste those elements into any frame within the artboard, or drag them in.

For the record I’ve stopped having this issue when using autolayout because everything has to be in a frame for it to work.

(Still a pain in the ass when working on older files)

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HI dvaliao, I am having issues with some of the screen during presentation. please what can i do

Hi @Gleb I have been having challenges with some of the screens during presentation. they are not showinh full. Please what can i do about it

Hi @Bruno_Figueiredo I have the same challenge