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Parent only inspect

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My engineers are having issues trying to use Figma to get accurate specs due to the extensive use of nested auto layouts, etc. (required to align and respond to content accurately)

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When trying to select a nested component using the Inspect tool, the selection tool completely ignores defined bounds for the parent object(s) giving the engineer incorrect specifications as it selects just the child icon that is nested several layers deep. The icon I have has 24px outer bounds and is placed inside an icon button component which has outer bounds of 40x40px (to accommodate hover/pressed states). They have to command/control-click on the icon THEN roll back outwards over the outermost bounds of the icon to get the correct specification for padding distance.

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When it comes to library components would it make sense to have an Inspect setting toggle that effectively “flattens” all nested elements to their parents so the engineers can get the correct spacing without all the issues tied to finding something in the layers? Autolayout hacks (like creating a single side border–as shadows don’t work without the .01% opacity fill hack–with a single pixel high box) then nesting the primary content in yet ANOTHER AL frame can make layouts hard for engineers to get through. Autolayout is amazing but it takes a lot more sifting for engineers to get the correct information.