Paragraph spacing is fundamentally broken

Applying more than one paragraph spacing setting to any text within the same text layer is impossible, regardless of whether or not you are using text styles.

Also, the paragraph spacing setting doesn’t apply to the last line of text in a text layer. Therefore, your unique paragraph spacing cannot be respected even by separating each text style into their individual layers.

The ONLY way that I have found to reliably replicate paragraph spacing in a vaguely usable way is to create “paragraph components” that have the bottom spacing built in using a spacer shape or auto layout padding.

Please fix this. It’s ridiculous.


I’m astounded when things like paragraph spacing are busted. XD’s is even worse, can’t even use soft returns there as it’ll add the paragraph space every time! These are indeed fundamentals that should just work, and I shouldn’t have to bounce between broken experiences to decide which one is ‘less’ broken.

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