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Pan and zoom gesture on middle mouse click

Right now, when you are exploring your file, you can hold the middle mouse button to go in some pan mode, where you grab and move the canvas. Other 2D graphics software offer this functionality aswell, though some have it on spacebar per default.

In my favorite photo editing suite the user can not only pan the canvas, but also zoom by scrolling the mouse wheel in this mode. I’d love to see this functionality in Figma aswell.

Currently in Figma one would have to hold crtl additionally to the middle mouse button. This is somewhat inconvenient, because you need to use both hands and it’s most likely bad for accessibility too.

If you’ve a Logitech mouse you can change the key bindings in the logi app. It’s not down to Figma. I use the MX 3 and have the side scroller set to zoom and the middle one is pan when held down.