Paid seats for developers only

The new update in the seats name says the Dev Mode is only able in the Full seat, previously known as Editor.
In my company, we want to give the developers the ability to use Dev Mode, but not give them permission to Edit the file. Maybe add a cheaper seat than the Full one only for Dev Mode so the devs can actually see all the useful information without moving by accident anything of the design?


This is an issue for us as well. Most engineers are not comfortable with full Figma and this is very error-prone and can have consequences down the design system. We want engineers to be able to use Dev mode without ability to change values.

Figma - CAN YOU PLEASE give the ability to disable Edit access for Developers using Dev Mode on the Professional Pricing Tier - This is causing major problems with erroneous changes to design files. My team is seriously looking at alternatives like PenPot.

Figma can you PLEASE respond - looks like you are ignoring posts related to this topic.