Pages Organization Needs Update

The only way a user can organize their pages in a file is by dragging, this is actually quite hard to do when you have lots pages and takes a lot of time.(very slow) If there was a separate page I could open and manage my pages would be amazing. Inspo maybe could come from Bookmarks Manager imbedded in Google Chrome.

Hi @Katelyne_Young , thank you for your feedback! We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.

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It’d be really helpful to have built-in features for page management–being able to pin, or expand and collapse different collections of pages. I often have several pages I need to bounce between, but want to keep their content separate. Also, having the option to hide pages that are old or archived in one accordion-like element would be easier than having to move pages individually to a different place in the file’s pages tab.

Marking some of the file pages as Favourite and fixed them on the top part of the pages list. (Or just pin them). This is useful when you are working on a file with a large number of pages, and you often need to work with only a few of them and they are scattered in the list.