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Pages not working for logged out users

Why doesn’t pages work for non-logged-in users?

We send our Figma portfolio to clients. However, recently, the “hamburger menu” to explore Pages for logged out users stopped working.

To test: Take a Figma project link (such as this one), open an Incognito browser, and click the hamburger menu link in the upper lefthand corner.

It makes the site go completely blank, with no option to click anything.

Please fix!


Hey Chris, thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce and logged it with the team.

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Hi @Josh,

Thanks for logging a ticket for this one, glad I’m not the only one experiencing this!

Would you happen to have an update at all? Hoping it’s back up and running soon.


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Hi there,

My question
I wanted to ask, if I share a link of my project through a link, that the person with the link have to be logged in before navigating to different pages?

Issue described below
So I am working on my assignment where I have to create persona, wireframes, designs and prototypes etc. for a zoo website.

So I created different pages for each of them (a personas page with artboards, wireframes page with artboards etc.)

Now I’m finished with everything, I created a link so I can share all my work with my lecturer. When I opened the link in chrome incognito mode (to test is as another person and not being logged in), I could see the first page I was on (the personas page), that was fine, but whenever I try to visit another page to see for example my wireframes. As soon as I click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner, the whole site just disappears and doesn’t show anything. I’m still on the same link, when I refresh it shows my personas page again.

I don’t mind if anyone accesses the file, here below is the link

I hope – if it’s an issue – it gets solved.

Thanks in advanced


Thanks. I created a navigation menu that links to my Figma pages, but when logged-out users click the links, Figma takes them to a random, super-zoomed-in section of gray space on the canvas. At that point, the user needs to zoom way out in order to find the assets on the page, which a portfolio viewer may not know how to do. Also, if they click their “back” button, Figma goes completely blank.