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Pages in Figma

Awesome job y’all! I’m really loving the simplicity of this tool so far.

In my design workflow and when meeting with stakeholders, we used to sketch/collab over there. Now that this exists, I’d love to give it a go instead. It’d be great to make pages so that I can divide up sessions by product feature, objective, or timeframe. Right now, I’m not sure how to fully integrate this tool into my workflow as I can imagine things from multiple brainstorm sessions getting pretty messy on one canvas. A temporary solution is creating a new file for every topic, or just having everything in one place. But preferably, I could separate into pages based on whether I’m discussing a feature concept, wireframes, UI, or eng-design collaboration.

Curious what other folks think here, my workflow in Figma is specific to a UI file, Design System file, and Wireframe file, which is then divided up by feature. Would others find this useful? Might just be me?

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