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Overriding a variant interaction with "None" doesn't work

Some feedback on the interactive components beta! I’m looking for an instance to cancel the interaction provided by its component (e.g. the component does a simple checkbox toggle on click, but the instance doesn’t want that behavior). I set it up like so:


But the “Click → None” behavior doesn’t seem to actually cancel the variant interaction, which was a bit of a surprise to me.

“None” is just undefined.
It isn’t a removal override.

Yes I get that, it’s just unexpected and I’m hoping it’s possible some other way if not this way.

Hey there,
the inability to remove existing variant interactions is a limit of the current beta. It’s very likely something we’re addressing, but can’t promise yet, when exactly.

Sorry about that!
— Niko


No problem, thanks for the reply!

Hi there,
This problem might be because of that in Figma that it will limit you to one interaction for each trigger per object, so as an example there will be no possible ways to have two On Click interactions on one button.