Overrides keep resetting

Working with interactive components. Overrides I set on a hover variant keep resetting to the master.

It was fine earlier when I was using it, but all my tooltips seem to have now switched back to master.

Any ideas?

Edit screen:

Preview screen:

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Im trying to do the same exact thing (tool tips) and i cant get the overrides working. It keeps coming to the main master despite the override.

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I found a work-around for now. Have the tooltip layer hidden in the normal variant, duplicate that then show the tooltip layer in the hover variant. The text override seems to work then. Hopefully, they fix it so we don’t need hidden layers in the full release.

Thanks!! I will try this later. As you said, hopefully the fix this. Its kinda big deal at least for me

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Hey guys. Watch the office hours on this feature here Office Hours: Get started with interactive components - YouTube, go to 16:20 - the “workaround” is exactly how it is supposed to work. It kind of make sense after you watch the video. Cheers.


Thanks Karen! Makes a lot of sense now :smiley:

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Wow… I just wasted an entire day on fixing all the prototypes. @Figma please make sure next time that you release the feature without bugs.

I have this problem as well. I followed the instructions in the video linked by Keren but it doesn’t work for me. I have nested interactive components (a row with hover state containing buttons with their own states).

I’m having this issue too.