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Override components text attributes

Hello, I recently switched from sketch to Figma! Overall the transition was rather smooth but the one thing that I miss from Sketch is the option to override the text option of a component. In Sketch, all override options are shown on the right of the UI (just like the variant options in Figma). But in the case of the text overrides, the user must click his/her way to the text to change the text. I believe this could be faster if Figma implements the feature I described above (please check linked image).

You don’t need to click through: simply select the text tool (shortcut — letter T) and click the text layer you want to edit. Or Cmd/Ctrl + Click the text layer (deep select) and press enter.

Yeah this is one of the main differences in how Figma works when compared to Sketch. We favor on-canvas manipulation for overrides vs needing to edit them in the panel on the right. Personally I feel that this allows for much quicker exploration and adjustments when working with components. :slight_smile:

But what happens when you need to change the same text value for various instances of the same component? It would be nice to have a way to achieve this, e.g. A collapsable overrides panel or a MultipleCursor-like feature (like the one coding editors have), instead of going one by one.

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