Overlays cause "connection issues" in Figma app prototype

While testing my prototype on the Figma app (latest version) the entire prototype works flawlessly except for overlays, which darkens the screen while buffering, and then states “connection issues, please go online to continue with the prototype”. Clicking “try again” buffers again with the same result.


Having the same issue. After tapping “Go back” it seems to be OK, but I don’t want to test on a user with this workaround.

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Agreed, this totally breaks the flow and is something preventing me from conducting user tests.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. And it’s there all the time on the app. There is no way I can use the app to demonstrate or even test a prototype.

I am experiencing the same issue… Huh so frustrating

Same here. Really affecting our user testing.

Same here. Unreliable for user testing.

I am also getting the same issue. I trying to do some user-testing but this is causing a lot of usability issues. Is there any solution?

Has anyone managed to resolve this bug? Going through the same problem in the mobile prototype through the iphone app.

facing same issue. Hope @anon21722796 solves this problem soon

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Hi folks! I’m a software engineer on Prototyping and I’m hoping to get a bit more information about the issues so we can get to the bottom of this!

If you’re still having issues, could you please reply with the following info:

  • What kind of device are you using? (Android/iOS and Model)
  • What app version are you currently running?

If this is happening on a specific file, or you can create a smaller file that reproduces the issue, would you mind sharing that file with support-share@figma.com and sending me a DM with the link to the file?

Thanks so much!


Hi Luca,

Thanks for the reply. I am using the latest version of Figma(I used to update always). It happens in both the devices iPhone or Android. But it’s not happening on the desktop.


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Same here. And it’s happening even on different files using the same flow. But it’s not happening on Figma mirror and while opening the link on desktop.

Hi @Douglas_Herbert and @Eddy_Furlong, thank you for the info!

If you are able, would you please share a file experiencing this to support-share@figma.com and sending me a link to the file in a DM here on the forum? We believe we’ve found a way to solve this issue, and would like to test on some user examples!


Hi, @Luca_Damasco thanks for getting back. I am afraid I can not share the file as it is confidential.


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Not to worry @Douglas_Herbert and thanks @Eddy_Furlong for the link. We’ve isolated the issue and are working on a fix. Thanks so much everyone!

Hey there @Luca_Damasco , @support ! :grinning:

Is there any new update on the prototype issue?


@Eddy_Furlong We’ve released a change that should alleviate this in most cases. Please give your prototypes another try, and let us know if you’re still running into these issues!

Specifically, the “Connection Issues” message will only appear if viewer has lost connection to the internet. We’ve also extended the time before users will see the loading spinner, or “This is taking a while to load.” error messages.

I could no longer replicate my original complaint. Seems to be fixed for me. Thanks a lot!

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