Outside stroke not working

Hi! I’m new to design, doing a Figma course and I can’t find out why the “outside” setting of the stroke is not working like the teacher’s one. I attach picture for reference. Any help is appreciate it. Thanks!

Hey @Ingrid
The outside stroke is actually working. You can see that your white stroke is outside the blue lines that indicate the limit of your layer. If you change outside to inside or center, you will see your white stroke moving in regards to that blue line.
What your teacher has done is to apply the stroke to only two sides of the layer. By default the stroke will apply to all sides, to change that you need to click on the icon to the left of your stroke width ( a square icon without the corners). This will give you the ability to apply your stroke to one or multiple side and not just all.

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Of course… it’s funny how newbie I am still that I couldn’t think about that! Definitely learnt it now. Thanks a lot @Achille_Perrin :smiling_face: