Our custom font disappears in presentation mode

We use a custom font generated from Fortawesome. When showing our prototypes to our users:

A) The icons are some times initially shown but disappear on hover (interactive components?)
B) The icons some times are aren’t shown at all

Example file: Figma

Font download link

(Top: Interactive component with icon. Bottom: Detached instance of interactive component)

Anyone else encountered this? Tried reaching out to Figma with no luck.

Hey @Pierre_Ornryd, I can’t seem to reproduce this in your link (the icon doesn’t disappear on hover for me) even though in the editor it tells me I’m missing the font. Can we get some more info about your setup? E.g.:

  • Places where this bug happens (desktop app, web, mirror app, or everywhere?)
  • Is this custom font ever loaded as a shared font in your user-testing prototypes?

I’m pretty sure I’m trying the same hover state as you are, but it would still help to get a video of the bug just to be sure.

We changed our text engine recently to fix a lot of custom font issues, so if you’re still experiencing issues that’s no good!

HI @Andrew_Chan , thanks for replying.

  • it happens for people that don’t have the font installed locally
  • It happens when showing people our prototypes in the web browser
  • It doesn’t happen for us designers since we have the icon font installed locally
  1. The way the font is implemented is simply that our components in the library file use it. And those components are then added to the example file linked above. Looking at this article, do we need the Organization plan to have shared fonts? Perhaps this is the solution to the issue?

Got it. In the support ticket escalated to me the last bump from you before yesterday was on September 22.

We rolled out the text engine modifications on October 13. Your example file should work even if you don’t have shared fonts (and it works for me). Can you verify that this still happens for your users?

I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or if you fixed something, but the team is reporting that the icons are no longer disappearing as of today. :man_shrugging:

Edit: No, I was wrong. Doesn’t work for all. The ultimate test would be if the icons appear + stays when hovered in the example file posted above.

Can you confirm this @Andrew_Chan ?

The icon doesn’t disappear for me. I believe I’m trying the right interaction. I’ve attached a video below.

It would be useful if we could get in touch with your users who are reporting issues. Do you know what’s the best way to do that?

This thread is getting a little long, so feel free to email me at achan@figma.com.

Hi A. I’ve asked around the people in my team who’s experienced this issue prior to me reporting it, and it actually seems to work now. :confused-john-travolta:

Not sure what changed? We’ve really struggled with this, having to expand/flatten all icons when showing our prototypes.

I’ll reach out and see if there’s still anyone experiencing this issue. Otherwise, I guess, thank you :slight_smile:

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Ah, got it. Hopefully you were experiencing what we fixed on October 13!

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