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OTF features not working in stylistics sets

Hi! I have a problem with importing a custom font I’m doing.
I wanted to create a custom stylistic set for our font so the L has an option to have an alternative style. I did the font in fontlab 7 and this is the feature code I wrote:

feature ss05 {
# GSUB feature: Stylistic Set 5
# Lookups: 1

  featureNames {
    name "Locastic L";
    name 1 "Locastic L";

  sub L by L.ss05;

} ss05;

Anyways in figma it displays the feature but clicking on it nothing happens.

Did anyone had a similar problem or can see something I can’t haha.

Thanks guys in advance! :smiley:

When the option is greyed out like this, it means that the text that is currently selected doesn’t have any letters that the stylistic set modifies. If your text indeed contains such letters, it may be something wrong with how the font is defined, I don’t know much about font making. Does it work in other editors such as Adobe Illustrator or something like that?

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