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Organizational Folders for Layers

I’d like there to be organizational-only folders for layers in Figma. Groups and frames are not a great fit for this as they both have some impact on depth, grouping, and clipping.

Layer organization should be independent of these, or at least of groups.

My use case currently is putting highly visible notes for design or engineering next to work on the board (i.e. not in a frame) and ending up with either a huge group for all of them, or lots of individual little layers/groups mucking up the hierarchy.

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Yes, this. When I work InDesign, I always use a specific layer for notes and annotations. I can hide or lock it so it doesn’t interfere with my design work. I can kinda do this in Figma, but it is a lot clunkier because of the layers are less structured here.

I’d also like to contribute a couple more ideas to your request for better layer organization.

  • Photoshop permits color coding of layers, which would be really useful. I’d really like to be able to quickly differentiate the layers I’m working with. One example is to quickly identify the starting (or other) states of a smart animation, where I have a lot of near-identical copies of a frame.
  • I’d also like to be able to pin the top-level frames I’m working in. I tend to create a lot of similar frames when I’m iterating a design and I want a way to easily identify the top-level one where I’m collecting all of my finalized work.

I’m pretty new to Figma, so please forgive me if I’m missing this functionality, whether in core or via plugin.

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