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Organization of files

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
  • I open many figma files shared by other teams and designers. Things I don’t own. Some of these I want to keep and use as reference but they are hard to find again. I usually go to Recent and do a page search in chrome to find things. Recently I began making a dupe of some things and tucking them into my drafts. Help. I can imagine tags, favorites or some sort of proxy model. I would like to create a private project and put things in it that others own. I just want to organize these things.

Has anyone found a way to solve this that does not involve plugins? I cannot use 3rd party plugins at work.

*side note. The “optional tags” on these posts don’t allow me to add tags and from what I can see there is only 1 existing tag (for prototyping)