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Organization-level comment tagging awareness

  1. Our process has one person creating a file and making the initial designs until it’s in a polished state, then handing it off to production for tweaks requested from the client. When that happens, the production person can edit the file as they’ve got access to it as part of the organization, but they can’t be tagged in comments. The fix seems to be to have the owner (and only the owner) Share the file to them as an editor.

  2. In the attached image, Kathy was assigned to make some updates to the Figma file, and had a question for Jeannie, so she tagged her. Jeannie was unable to tag Kathy back, since she was not added to the file’s permissions list. However, she was already in there working and making updates to the file itself as an Editor.

  3. Does anyone else have this sort of experience? Instead of having to rely on the file owner (sometimes unavailable), is it possible for Figma to have awareness of the organization and allow people within it to be tagged before they’re added to the permissions list?

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