Organization editors for only 2 months?

Organization plan is billed anually.
If I want to collaborate with somebody for eg 3 months: Can I invite, restrict after 3 months and then pay only those 3 months?
Or do I have to pay for one full year? Or until the end of the year?

Thanks in Advance! :pray:t2::dizzy:

Hey Justus,
Thank you for reaching out to the community!

Yes, you can with the true-up system. When you first sign up for a Figma Organization plan, Figma will bill you on an annual subscription that is part of the annual contract. To account for any extra editors added within the annual subscription, Figma has a true-up process that will happen every three months.

To avoid being charged for editors you wish not to add to your Organization, every 90 days (or quarter) we will give you the opportunity to buy licenses for any new editors. We call this the Quarterly True-up.

Two weeks before the end of your quarter, we will send you an email asking you to confirm any new editors. This gives you the opportunity to determine who you want to include in your billing. You will be able to downgrade, remove, or upgrade members before confirming.

Please also check our Help Center for more information on how to manage quaterly true-ups in an Organization here:

Hope this is clear!

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Yes, thanks for the quick reply! :pray:t2:

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You’re welcome, happy to help! :smiley:

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