Organisation of swap instances - prefered values

Better organization of content in submenus in the design area.
Sometimes I use the slot method to compensate for missing options and possibilities in Figma.
Here is an example: “Edit instance swap property”.

I have about 20 favorite objects. But they are not organized in the window. Neither thematically nor alphabetically. So I have to do this manually. An autoscroll function is missing here. This means selecting several objects, moving them up or down and using auto-scroll to move them to the desired position. The “preferred values” are also not passed on. So if I have prepared a slot with preferred values and copy it, for example, 8 times (for 8 slots), these preferred values are not included.

“Refresh” in the context menu of a warehouse (slot). Right-click to open the context menu and select “Swap instance”. All “preferred values” are not in the previously manually created order. That means all the work again, for each slot :see_no_evil:


Hey Micha, thank your for your feedback! Please don’t forget to upvote your feature request.