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Org admin permissions

As a the admin of an org plan
I want to have admin rights by default to teams others create within my org
In order to administrate my org effectively

(seriously, I need to ask other people to set me as admin on new projects so that I can grant other people edit rights. It makes no sense that I can make people global admins, but not an editor of a team)

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Steve_Dennis I’m having the exact same trouble right now, and have given this feedback a few months ago to Figma. Editors should have less access, and we need superadmin access, or else Figma would become a huge mess in no time, even if we setup the organization/foundation properly.

Two votes, we can do this! :wink:

This is so frustrating for me. I need the ability to clean up my org as an admin. I need to be able to rename or delete teams and respective projects if necessary. It would make sense as org admin to always have β€˜owner’ capabilities on each team within the org.

Yes please.
In an agency setting, if the owner of a team is on vacation or sick at least I – as an admin – must be able to edit their files and change permissions.

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Vote 10 is here - we need this so badly.