Option to remove "Connector stays active by default"

There was a release (maybe three days ago) where the default for the connector tool was to remain active. I have found this particularly annoying, it does make sense when using the toolbar, but when using shortcuts I have found it easier to press X every time I need a connector, the same way other shortcuts work. Has anyone else come across the same thing?

PS - Love Figma, love Figjam, my favourite software!

This suggestion made me chuckle because I feel the exact opposite haha. I was really glad they made this change because I tend to draw lots of arrows back-to-back and pressing X over and over again always felt tedious to me. Fun to hear a different perspective.

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Interesting, it might just be me, I think the way I diagram must be in a weird way. It would be nice if there was an option to switch between them. It has slowed me down in what I do by probably 20%-40%, in saying this there is always the chance I am the “1% of users” haha

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