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Option to "ignore frames"

I often use redlining, sticky notes, etc to markup design files in Figma. These objects are conceptually separate from the actual UI in the frames I’m building but sometimes make sense to overlay on top of my designs. I know there is functionality to hold the spacebar and have the object ignore the drag/drop into frames functionality. However, this is a bit cumbersome and has to be done every time I want to move something around. I also know that locking a frame would stop this from happening, but I often want to edit the frame at the same time that I am doing markup.

I would like an option, maybe a checkbox, to say “make this object ignore frames”. With this option enabled, I can move the object however I see fit without worrying that it may drop into a frame accidentally. All copied versions of this object would respect this rule, until disabled.

Are there any other approaches that I am not considering? Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone else agree that an option to tell an object to always ignore frames would be useful?

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