Option to Hide Frame Labels

I agree this is a problem - it makes for crowded and messy files and can be especially distracting when presenting to stakeholders.

I sometimes rename labels with blank spaces to get labels out of the way, but this approach isn’t ideal, and has some down sides

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Dear Figma. Please add my vote to the count. We need this implemented soon.

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Need this even more now that Sections are a thing. Any frame inside a section shows the label. Basically, I’ve replaced big frames with sections. Super useful, but makes this an annoyance

Agree, please allow me to hide frame labels. The labels are bigger than the text in the frame in my main view. I am willing to hold a modifier key to make them appear when I might need them

I’ve just started using Figma a few days ago and have been test driving it to see if I want to pay for it, and I discovered Sections & Frames, but I’m considering finding a different design tool because this frame labels thing is so annoying. Please fix this :frowning:

Big agree! This really throws off my workflow. When frames are used as an artboard –the largest thing – showing names make a lot of sense. When they’re used as sections or components the names are just noise. A toggle for this will be huge.


With how intuitive everything is in Figma, I really have a hard time believing that this isn’t an option.


I need the option to hide frame labels
I hope Figma respects this demand :pray:

+1 on this, they add no value most of the time and are only creating a visual mess in my projects, please let me remove this.

I agree. Hope this can be added as an option.

I agree. Would be nice to be able to toggle all or individually. I think on/off on all would be nicer as it can be confusing if done individually.

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+1. The ability to hide the labels under “View” with a simple toggle would be very much appreciated!

+1 please! When taking screenshots it’s really annoying to have the frame names.

Nothing? For real? Still the same? OMG

Agreed +1 vote - please add toggle option for this!

I find it obstructive that the component labels automatically disappear if the component is not in the root level of the page.
Therefore, absolute agreement that the user should be able to control whether the labels are displayed or not. Regardless of whether the component is in the root level or grouped in additional frames.

This is my biggest frustration with Figma. It seems odd that this has never been addressed. It is absolutely maddening when working on highly complex interfaces, as I do 98% of the time.

Yeeeeees, please let us hide the names of art-boards without hacky solutions!

Great idea, I was looking into it before searching a solution on google

Another +1