Option to Hide Frame Labels

Still nothing an year later?

My designs were very fine until yesterday! Now some sub-frames decide to revolt and start showing the display names?! Frankly, not all sub-frames show their names. Only a few. And indeed, this is quite annoying.

You can use a space in the Frame name as well :smile:


Keeping the fervour alive!

A simple global setting to show/hide parent titles would be amazing!


Yep please give us the option for to toggle these on and off. Particularly useful when building prototypes which need to have screens and notes on the canvas


Thank you!

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Save my life! Thank you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Is this on the product roadmap to rollout at some point?

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Has this been fixed yet? STILL dealing with it.


This solution does not work if you want to use the prototype functions.


Hey all, recently this started bugging me as well. Since I couldn’t find a setting for this I remembered an old trick to hide text using invisible characters. Select the layers from which you want to hide the labels and replace their name with a space. Sadly this isn’t helpful if you still want your layers to make sense, but otherwhise it works great.

Obviously a simple toggle in the Preferences would be even better though!

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Yeah I’m sick of people saying that the solution is to add more frames. Wtf? No, I don’t want to add more useless frames. It should not be a default to show the label for something on the artboard. We need to take screenshots and share our screen sometimes and it distracts and confuses people. Just give us a f*cking setting to hide it!


Just replying here in the hope that Figma will actually do something about it after so long!

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+1 for this

+1 I think hide frame names would be super

It’s funny how the UX designing platform itself has UX issues. +1 for having option to hide/show frame names. It’s super duper annoying and it’s triggering the OCD in me.

+1 would be great to make pure screenshots of the whole prototype (with tons of frames) without any frame labels clustering into the view…

+1 as well

Totally agree! They are so annoying :melting_face:

Just put it right here as “Frame Labels” and everyone’s happy - it’s incredibly annoying to constantly have to group frames before a presentation, and this should be so easy to do - how do we get this voted up more?

I’m ready to post on linkedin and advertise, to garner more votes…