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Opening a file in a new tab in web should open that file in web app, not desktop app

I often have to work with multiple Figma windows at once when copy pasting or updating files. Since the desktop app doesn’t support detaching windows/multiple clients, I resort to using web client. However every time I browse to a file in web app, right click on it and select “open in new tab”, it opens the new tab yet then boots up the desktop app with an annoying delay on “open here instead”.

I’m aware that there’s an option not to open Figma links in desktop app, but I do want it to do that in most of the cases EXCEPT for when explicitly coming from a web app I’m already working in. If I am already in the web app, it is reasonable to assume that I want any files I open from within it to stay in web app, not to boot up desktop client.

Or maybe there’s some other setting I am missing?