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Open Session Links Reloading Loop

1. Describe the bug/issue you’re running into?
When I share a Figjam open session, the page will load for a second then seems to reload the page. You don’t even get time to enter your name as a guest. The Anonymous user does flash on the screen from a logged in user’s perspective. It seems to stop reloading after a minute or two. I have tested multiple files and links and it is happening for all of them.

2. Are you able to consistently reproduce it? If so what are the steps?
Open an open session figjam share link in Chrome. Reported on Mac and PC.

3. Share a screenshot, recording, console log, link to the file, etc.
Sep-17-2021 14-31-31

4. Is the issue only happening in desktop app or a specific browser , or both?

5. What OS/version and/or browser/version are you using?
macOS 10.14.6
Chrome 93.0.4577.63

Chrome Console

When the 24-hour share session is on, and share link for edit is used with users within my organization’s domain, it takes 10 secs for browser to load to the Figma logo loading bar, and then FigJam loads, and then reloads at least 10 times before the Welcome modal with name input to enter board shows up. The whole process from opening link to final load takes 30 seconds.

This was experienced by a mix of users where some loaded by web browser, some by desktop app, and some have Figma accounts and some don’t.

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