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Open overlay visual bug

When I using “Open overlay” in interactions on the button for make hover, the hover itself shows incorrectly with visual bug, this begun from some update 6-7 months ago. This show up only in 100% display mode (or another scales) and view good when i getting closer (via Ctrl+Mouse wheel)
How to solve the problem? Prbbly its because of drivers, or its just Figma? :0

Can you show some screenshots or a video?

Create design file for test and this bug was evolved lol

I create hover with gray borders and they shows incorrectly, when i move my screen the white border moves too

I can’t reproduce this. Everything works as normal for me when opening overlays. Here is an example: Figma

This is mp4 :slight_smile: visual bug is still available, my team members has the same problem in prototype. Before (like 6 months ago) everything hovered well, but now it seems like the hover recedes a few pixels, I dunno why

This white lines shouldnt exist, but it is

Problem still availabe

You didn’t send any examples. Also if you think it’s a bug, you need to report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. Don’t forget to attach a video and a file link to the report. This forum is not for bug reports.

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