"Open in New Tab" shouldn't take you to the new tab

Right now, when you search for a project or file and right-click it, you can “Open” or “Open in a new tab”. Both options do the exact same thing, taking you directly to that project’s tab. Open in a new tab should open the tab but you should remain on the same screen.

Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestion! In the Figma app, you can open a file in a new tab by using CMD (or CTRL for Windows) + double-clicking on the file you wish to open, while staying on the same screen. Please note, this method is only applicable for opening new files. If I have misunderstood your point, please don’t hesitate to correct me!


My issue was that when I right-clicked, it showed two different options (Open, Open in New Tab), but they both did the same thing. However, this CMD+click trick solves the issue. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks for the clarification. I will share if there is anything I can share with you about the right click too!