Open in Editor action not going to selected frame

When viewing a prototype and clicking on “Open in Editor” in the Figma UI header, the view switches over to the editor but the selected frame does not center in the Editor view. This previously worked as expected, I only noticed this behavior about 2 days ago.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi @Todd_Coleman are you seeing this in the browser or desktop app? Is the file open along with the prototype view?

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I do have the same issue. In my case since last thursday 28 sept.

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In my case in Desktop App

Hi @Ryan_52 thanks for responding. This is in the desktop app and browser version of Figma. Re: Desktop app, the file is open in the editor and I am running the prototype in another tab. Again, the expected behavior was working up until 3 days ago.

I do have the same issue

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Thanks for the context @Todd_Coleman & @Massimiliano_Ughetti!

@Nia_Euodia Is this happening in-browser and/or with the desktop app?

Our team is already investigating this, so we’ll be passing these details along to the team so they can reproduce and work on a fix.

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I am experiencing the same issue. Please advise on when this gets resolved or if there is a work around.

I just checked and it is working for me now (Desktop App).