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Open file/drag out the tab into the new window

When prototyping (in desktop mode), it would be great if we had the ability to open the Presentation tab in a whole new window. I (like many designers) have several monitors and it is more efficient for me to have the Presentation Window on a separate screen so that I can tweak and edit my animations without having to constantly switch tabs. Unfortunately, the only way to do this --once a project is open-- is to open a new window (File → New Window), re-open the same project in that new window, then click the Presentation button.

My proposal would be to give us the ability to either pull the Presentation tab out of the existing window (creating a new window), or to right-click the Presentation tab and have a “Create New Window” option available.

Has anyone else been having similar issues of needed a quick way to turn open tabs into a new window?


Good suggestion! This is somewhat possible already:

  1. Press Shift + Cmd + N / Shift + Ctrl + N to open the new window.
  2. Right click your prototype tab and select Copy link.
  3. Close the prototype tab.
  4. Go to the new window and select File → Open URL from Clipboard.

Thanks so much for the tip… that does help.

Similar with browsers, where you can drag out tabs to open them in a new window, it would be very nice to be able to do that on the figma desktop app as well to quickly view different designs side by side.


I would love a ‘drag tab into new window’ feature! I keep trying this every now and again hoping it’s been added. It would be so useful to easily move the prototype preview into a new window while still editing.

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Similar idea on the same theme would be to add an “open in new window” option to the right click menu when selecting a file.


THANK YOU! Appreciate it!

Please include the ability to drag a tab from one window to another window (not just to a new window)


I would like to be able to detach a tab as a new window in the desktop app. I like to play the prototype on a secondary display.

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AWESMOE, thanks

+1 for ability to drag or tear off a tab and in desktop or browser, right-click > duplicate tab.

+1. definitely need the drag to a new window feature