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Open existing files from a new tab

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When I want to open up more files, I want to be click the + tab and choose files from Home (or recent files) instead of the + tab only allowing me to create a new file.
When want to open multiple files, I need to search for the files I want to open. Because I am expecting the files to show up to the right of the files I already have open, my instinct is to click the + tab. (Similar to opening a new tab to search for a website in a web browser). Instead, I have to go over to the top left and click the Home icon and search for the file there. This is not intuitive. There is a lot of real estate when I do click the + tab, it seems like it could show Recent Files when I click + if not a full version of the home page, along with the option to create a new file. This would make opening up and finding files so much quicker and easier!!

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Existing + Tab:

Preferred + Tab experience (2 ideas):
1: Recently Opened

2. Home Experience in + Tab:

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    Does anyone else expect this to be the experience of the + tab?
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