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Open Assets Panel (Option 2) no longer selects text in search box

The Option-2 shortcut used to select all the text in the Search box, which was a favorite way of inserting a new component with the keyboard. It no longer does, which makes 3 extra keystrokes to delete the old text and do a new search. Can we pleeeez revert to the old behavior if this was not intentional. Desktop Mac v 99.0.


This has been driving me up a wall. I am used to selecting the assets panel with Option-2 and having whatever I’d typed into the search input previously be automatically selected so I could just start typing again. This no longer happens, so when I start typing my new search out of habit it doesn’t replace the old text and I have to double back and highlight it myself. I don’t know why something like this would be changed, I really hope Figma can change it back.


Yeah! I give such feedback quite rarely, but this things forcing me to be here.
I agree with posts above!


I am not sure when this changed, but the new behavior of using the Alt + 2 keyboard shortcut significantly slows down my use of the Component Library.

Old Behavior:
It used to behave that after I pressed Alt + 2, any text currently in the search box would automatically highlight so that the new search would replace the last search.

New Behavior:
Now after pressing Alt + 2, the curser is added at the end of the previous search so that new text gets added to the last search. This is annoying and useless IMO. Also, I now need to look at the search box to determine if I need to delete text now after using the shortcut.

Please revert this back to the previous behavior.

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I realize there’s not a ton of traction here but would still like to see an explanation if possible. It’s still an issue that is slowing down my workflow, as I use the assets panel shortcut probably hundreds of times a day.