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Opacity Slider on desktop almost impossible to use

  1. The opacity slider to control the percentage of opacity is almost impossible to interact with.

See screenshot attached, if you are accurate enough to click on that 1px line, you can drag the mouse left or right to change the opacity.

However the clickable area is so small, its extremely difficult to reliably click on it.

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It’s really annoying to drag opacity, because the area is ridiculously tiny (As opposed to the “stroke width” for example, which is much more friendly to drag).

The fact that you can click this line is probably a bug. You need to hold Alt/Option to drag in any place in the field.

Wow. :slight_smile:

Yeah. option+click works. Hopefully I can get used to it.

Any chance we can get a stroke-width-like icon for opacity dragging?

Any ideas on how that might look like?

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